Youth Activities

2019 District Free Throw Champions

Front:  Jack Donatelli

Back Row:  Alex Canale, Braden Gardner, Will Siao, Katherine Siao

2017 Soccer Challenge Entry Form (Note age is as of 1 September)

Soccer Challenge Entry Form

Carson Sturgis placed 1st in the 2017 District Free Throw Competition, 11 year old boys category, hitting 20 of 25 shots.

2016 Regional Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge

On October 23 the North Alabama Regional Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge was held at St. John the Baptist soccer field.  Council winners from Holy Spirit, Good Shepard, and St John the Baptist participated.


Winners were  (left to right):

Brenna Murphy, 10 years old

Emilia Summerlin, 13 years old

Lydia Buechler, 9 years old

Meredith Brown, 11 years old

Alex Niles, 12 years old

Petey Dobbs, 9 years old

Joseph Dobbs, 13 years old