2016 Easter Egg Hunt

Council Conducts Easter Egg Hunt
Council 10232 conducted its first Easter egg hunt on Saturday March 19th at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. There were prizes for eggs containing a golden coin. There was even a special appearance by the Easter bunny passing out chocolate crosses to the kids.

As an unofficial count, we had one very colorful Easter Bunny, somewhere around 100 totally thrilled children with an equal number of very happy parents, two bazillion colorful, plastic Easter eggs filled with candy and numerous coins which qualified many children with a very special prize. Every child received a well-made Russell Stover chocolate cross – personally handed out by the Easter Bunny, who had some relationship to a member of the Travis family.

We began with a prayer and then three hunts were conducted at three locations around the parish property to accommodate three age groups of children. It took twelve knights over 20 minutes to hide the eggs in each area; however, when the word was given to “Find the eggs”, the children had all of them in their baskets within one minute. It was an exciting sight to behold.

The weather was perfect. Every hunt took place in a very well organized manner. Every child received a multitude of candy treats. This was a fantastic family event.


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