Helping Jessica


I am happy to make this report.  Tom O’Donnell, Dave Fledderman, Jerome Villarreal (Senior and Junior), and I attended the ceremony as Jessica was presented with her new home.  This will always be one of the more memorable moments of my life.

The mobile home looked wonderful – way beyond anyone’s expectations as we started to refurbish a very dilapitated structure. I vividly remember seeing the bathroom sink and countertop that was filthy and stained. I also remember how Chris Major took the initiative and simply began scrubbing away one evening. Soon, it looked like something you may be willing to have in your home. Our Brother Chris started the reguevenation of that terrible sink and countertop. Take a look at how nice the bathroom area looks now, as seen in one of the photos. Somehow that bathroom and every part of that mobile home got a strong shot in the arm. Now, Jessica is the proud owner of a very livable home for herself and two children.

Every household item that you see in the mobile home was donated. Some items were small in value; some were rather large. The nice white car that brought Jessica and her family was probably the largest single item that was donated.

Jessica found it hard to express the full extent of her joy and appreciation for what had been given to her – especially after she has experienced so many sad events recently, especially with her cancer. The heavy burden of not having a home has been lifted. Now, she also has a means of transportation and can hopefully return to working for her family.

There were reporters from two local TV channels covering the presentation ceremony. You may have seen the coverage. St John the Baptist Church was identified as one of the churchs responsible for the mobile home refurbishment. The Knights of Columbus and St Vincent de Paul were specifically mentioned as part of the St John’s support. It was nice to receive such community recognition.


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