Assembly 2420 Recognized


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2016 Easter Egg Hunt

Council Conducts Easter Egg Hunt
Council 10232 conducted its first Easter egg hunt on Saturday March 19th at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. There were prizes for eggs containing a golden coin. There was even a special appearance by the Easter bunny passing out chocolate crosses to the kids.

As an unofficial count, we had one very colorful Easter Bunny, somewhere around 100 totally thrilled children with an equal number of very happy parents, two bazillion colorful, plastic Easter eggs filled with candy and numerous coins which qualified many children with a very special prize. Every child received a well-made Russell Stover chocolate cross – personally handed out by the Easter Bunny, who had some relationship to a member of the Travis family.

We began with a prayer and then three hunts were conducted at three locations around the parish property to accommodate three age groups of children. It took twelve knights over 20 minutes to hide the eggs in each area; however, when the word was given to “Find the eggs”, the children had all of them in their baskets within one minute. It was an exciting sight to behold.

The weather was perfect. Every hunt took place in a very well organized manner. Every child received a multitude of candy treats. This was a fantastic family event.


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Council 10232 Featured in December 2014 Columbia Newsletter

Our Council was featured on Page 32 of the December issue of Columbia. Shown with the completed Nativity sets from last year are John Phillip and Juan Benjamin.

Check out this proud accomplishment.

03. Cut outs complete

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Praying for Priests

There is a great deal of theology on “Praying for Priests”, as shown in Chapter 1 of the book “Praying for Priests: A mission for the New Evangelization,” available below:

2015 Praying for-Priests

The link below goes to the “Foundation for Priests” web site, where additional reference materials are available:

Our Council has established Prayer for Priests teams. Please contact our Deputy Grand Knight if this is something that might be of interest to you.

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“Keep Christ in Christmas” Billboard

Our Council has voted to sponsor an electronic billboard on US 72, across from Home Depot (headed East) which will run on a regularly timed basis from December 20th until January 2nd. The following will be displayed:


Last year’s display:

10. Council message on display

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2015 Birmingham March for Life

2015 Birmingham March for Life

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2016 Intellectual Disabilities Drive Results


The 2016 ID Drive resulted in $1,289.50 being raised through on-site solicitations in October.

Throughout the year the Council held various fund raisers such that a total of $3,034.24 was raised and submitted to the State Council.  A word of thanks to everyone that supported the drive this year. We had a wonderful turnout of knights of these events.

Anyone wishing to make a personal donation to the drive please make out a check to “K of C 10232” and bring to the next.

Danny Garcia
Grand Knight
St. John the Baptist Council No. 10232

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Powerful Pro-Life Homily by Fr. Deering

Alabam State Culture of Life Director, Jim Kaelin has provided us with a powerful homily given by Vicar General, Fr. Michael Deering at the Rosary for Life & Vocations in Hanceville. Please take time and read it.


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Helping Jessica


I am happy to make this report.  Tom O’Donnell, Dave Fledderman, Jerome Villarreal (Senior and Junior), and I attended the ceremony as Jessica was presented with her new home.  This will always be one of the more memorable moments of my life.

The mobile home looked wonderful – way beyond anyone’s expectations as we started to refurbish a very dilapitated structure. I vividly remember seeing the bathroom sink and countertop that was filthy and stained. I also remember how Chris Major took the initiative and simply began scrubbing away one evening. Soon, it looked like something you may be willing to have in your home. Our Brother Chris started the reguevenation of that terrible sink and countertop. Take a look at how nice the bathroom area looks now, as seen in one of the photos. Somehow that bathroom and every part of that mobile home got a strong shot in the arm. Now, Jessica is the proud owner of a very livable home for herself and two children.

Every household item that you see in the mobile home was donated. Some items were small in value; some were rather large. The nice white car that brought Jessica and her family was probably the largest single item that was donated.

Jessica found it hard to express the full extent of her joy and appreciation for what had been given to her – especially after she has experienced so many sad events recently, especially with her cancer. The heavy burden of not having a home has been lifted. Now, she also has a means of transportation and can hopefully return to working for her family.

There were reporters from two local TV channels covering the presentation ceremony. You may have seen the coverage. St John the Baptist Church was identified as one of the churchs responsible for the mobile home refurbishment. The Knights of Columbus and St Vincent de Paul were specifically mentioned as part of the St John’s support. It was nice to receive such community recognition.


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“Charity, she just keeps giving”

Our council has created another Hay Bale Art Project for the Huntsville Botanical Garden and it’s been named, “Charity, she just keeps giving”.  These photos show our project being completed and also the final result.  Our entry may not be the most over-powering and creative entry in the garden; however, we can be proud that a number of our members did some good work for a wonderful community project.

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