2020 ID 5K Run – 7 November 2020

Madison Knights Running Club

In preparation for the annual 5K run to support Intellectual Disabilities (ID), some of our members have started to gather twice a month. Join us Saturday morning, 11 July, 7 AM, at the new Bradford Creek Greenway  parking facility on Mill Road.  There is a pond with trail there and a Porta-John facility as well.  See you all there!

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Message from the Grand Knight

Greetings My Brother Knights,
A new fraternal year is upon us and as your Grand Knight I would like to wish you many blessings and continued good health. I would be remiss if I did not offer a heartfelt congratulations to our past Grand Knight, Joe McCarty, for again taking us to the Star Council level for Fraternal Year 2020, and to offer a most sincere thank you for his leadership and guidance over the past 2 years.
I hope to continue the legacy that he has established. This coming year is going to be different. I found myself at the beginning of this pandemic doubting if I or we could be successful in continuing that legacy and then I realized that doubt was all that was there to hold us back. I know that if anyone can do it, we can! Our council has always risen to the occasion because of brothers like you. I’m not saying it is going to be easy but we are innovative and we all work well together. As Father Bryan, often at the central core of his messages, reiterates and I paraphrase “Jesus never said anything would be easy, but he does say he will always be with us”. We should all take comfort in that.
A few key points and/or upcoming events:
  • Pray for all those effected by COVID
  • Look out for our fellow brothers (if you know of a Knight in distress please bring it to my attention)
  • State Council kick off meeting this Saturday July 11
  • Our meetings are currently online virtually at the usual times and dates
  • Recruiting (we have a quota of 18 for this year, please talk to every Catholic man in good standing that you know. Exemplifications are now online and  on demand)
  • Fund-raising (We are going to continuing our fund-raising activities, even though we are going to have to do things differently) Our next biggest fundraiser is the ID drive so keep an eye out for opportunities associated with that event)
  • If you haven’t already, please consider taking this short survey. It is short and sweet.
  • We are keeping a running order for shirts and hats for sale, and I have added a slot for name tags. We will wait until we get an order of 15 or more at a time before we submit.
I am a man of few words especially with emails so this is long for me, so I am going to leave it there for now. Thank you for all that you do!
Vivat Jesus,
Jerome Villarreal
Grand Knight
Council 10232
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Madison Christmas Tree Lighting

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2018 Intellectual Disabilities Drive 5K Run

2018 “Tootsie Roll” Drive 5K Run for Intellectual Disabilities


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Madison Christmas Parade – Float Building

For the second year in a row, Council 10232 sponsored a religious themed float in the City of Madison Christmas Parade.  The Cub Scouts assisted in building the float.  School children from St. Johns Catholic School marched in the parade behind a St. Johns Crusader banner.

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Keep Christ in Christmas

Keeping Christ in Christmas

Yard Displays


Keep Christ in Christmas Cards

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Patriotic Magnets

  • Throughout its history, America has been an especially patriotic country.  I believe the reason for our patriotism has to do with a particular assumption. Perhaps our patriot zeal stems from a belief in the idea of American exceptionalism—the idea that America was a new concept of uniting and governing in history, and different from all other countries. 


  • America was born—and born through the awareness of a wonderful idea: that all men are created equal, that they have been given certain rights by God, that no man can take these rights from them, and that these rights combine to create a notion called freedom. As a result of this idea, we are free to pursue happiness, free to worship God, free to express our views in public, and free to elect our leaders.


  • A few words about our flag. Did you know that after the Civil War, Union veterans were one of the very first groups who advocated for the display of the flag and for its veneration. The National Flag Conference of 1923 – yes, there was a national flag conference, that established the Flag Code subsequently adopted by Congress. Per the code, “the flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing.” It states that “no disrespect should be shown to the flag,” and when it is taken down, it should be placed into “waiting hands and arms.” 


  • Perhaps this is why the NFL kneelers and other protesters are cutting against the American grain? The American flag is an embodiment of our founding ideals. Our military fights under it. The flag drapes the caskets of the fallen and is folded in a solemn ceremony at military funerals, with practically every movement fraught with religious and patriotic meaning.  For many Americans, the flag is not something to be trifled with unless you intend to insult the country for which it stands. 


St. John the Baptist Council No. 10232 designed the vehicle magnet shown above to publically declare that we understand why freedom is so precious – and so rare, and that we embrace the principles of liberty, equality and justice on which our nation is founded.


Magnet Order Form


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Madison Christmas Parade 2016 – Keep Christ in Christmas

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Assembly 2420 Recognized


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2016 Easter Egg Hunt

Council Conducts Easter Egg Hunt
Council 10232 conducted its first Easter egg hunt on Saturday March 19th at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. There were prizes for eggs containing a golden coin. There was even a special appearance by the Easter bunny passing out chocolate crosses to the kids.

As an unofficial count, we had one very colorful Easter Bunny, somewhere around 100 totally thrilled children with an equal number of very happy parents, two bazillion colorful, plastic Easter eggs filled with candy and numerous coins which qualified many children with a very special prize. Every child received a well-made Russell Stover chocolate cross – personally handed out by the Easter Bunny, who had some relationship to a member of the Travis family.

We began with a prayer and then three hunts were conducted at three locations around the parish property to accommodate three age groups of children. It took twelve knights over 20 minutes to hide the eggs in each area; however, when the word was given to “Find the eggs”, the children had all of them in their baskets within one minute. It was an exciting sight to behold.

The weather was perfect. Every hunt took place in a very well organized manner. Every child received a multitude of candy treats. This was a fantastic family event.


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